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bulletTACOtuesday Video Tutorials

bulletA to Z METALWorks instructional DVD

TACOtuesday Video Tutorials
Join us each week for a new instructional video on metal embossing. Learn basic and advanced techniques, and watch us create fabulous metal-enhanced projects for home and gift-giving.

A to Z METALWorks instructional DVD

DVD CoverI was going to do another book as a follow-up of my book, Metal Effects. But then I thought why not a DVD? Well...doing a DVD is like giving birth, so I hope you like my new baby and you have the confidence to produce some wonderful projects on your own. Hopefully, after watching A to Z of METALworks you will be inspired to look at shapes and letterforms differently. Just remember to play, experiment, doodle and have fun "metalizing your world"!

DVD Cover

The CD portion of the DVD set contains patterns for words, shapes, alphabets, inspirational sayings, and everyday thoughts. Use the patterns to emboss on metal or print out for your own personal use.

DVD Cover

Cheryl Darrow
Owner, TENseconds Studio
Author of Metal Effects


"Talk about entertainment…..my girlfriend & I were taking classes up in Colorado & lo & behold I brought up my 10 Seconds DVD! We cracked up so much my side ached! You are great at teaching but what makes the DVD so wonderful is the humor! I can hardly wait to buy tools at Rhonda's in Albuquerque."

-- Linda Garcia

Dear Cheryl:
Absolutely love your "A to Z of METALWorks" DVD. I'm a mixed media artist and I am always buying instructional videos for my home library. I didn't know exactly what I was getting into when I ordered your DVD. I am totally new to this medium. What beautiful art, techniques, and design. Thanks for putting together such a terrific DVD with your daughter, Megan. You truly compliment each other as instructors. I so enjoyed your humor, too. This DVD was very informative and thorough and so easy to follow. Your step-by-step instructions and samples along with the "Patterns" bonus CD was incredible for the price, too. As a mixed media artist, I'm hooked and recommend this DVD to everyone. Fabulous and Fun! Can't wait to get started. Thank you so much.

-- Sylvia
Chicago, IL

Loved the DVD but really loved the CD of patterns. Now I don't have to think of what to do, you've done all the work. I know what you mean about your voice, I don't like mine either.

-- Karen W.

I bought your DVD/CD thinking it would be like all the other instructional videos out there, but was mildly amused at how you and your daughter interact. There are pills that will help with your problem of remembering things. You might want to check that out. I'm going to go take some more of my pills and watch it again.

-- Don Q.
New York

Even though your video kept me awake and was funny, I actually learned a lot from it. When's the next DVD coming out?

-- Amanda M.

Loved the packaging, loved the DVD, loved the CD. And, loved the project I did using your techniques.

--Annie P.
South Carolina

Cheryl…you're hot!

--Brad P.

(ok, I did that one)

Give me more…more…more! I'm a scrapbooker and at first I was intimidated by working with metal, but after watching the DVD, I thought "I can do that." Can't wait to send you pictures of what I create.

--Linda R.